About Us

As the original casual dining bar and grill, TGI Fridays offers authentic American food and legendary drinks, served with genuine personal service. Celebrating the freeing and liberating spirit of “Friday” was the restaurant’s founding premise, from which the brand promise “In Here, It’s Always Friday” was born. To share that Fridays experience all over the world, TGI Fridays proudly serves guests with over 900 restaurants in more than 60 countries. It can also be experienced at home, with TGI Fridays frozen snacks. The best TGI Fridays appetizers, from its potato skins and mozzarella sticks to its chicken wings and spinach dip, can now be enjoyed in the convenience of one’s own home.

Inspired by the TGI Fridays menu and approved by restaurant chefs, Fridays frozen snacks are manufactured by the Kraft Heinz Company under license from TGI Friday’s of Minnesota, Inc. Since 1869, Kraft Heinz has been developing foods that are superior in quality and taste. While much has changed over the years, Kraft Heinz has always focused on enriching people’s lives with great-tasting, convenient, and healthy foods. Only the finest ingredients and most flavorful recipes are used to recreate that “Friday” experience at home.